Today, we’ll discuss the musician and artist known by the name Ødyzon. He is popular in the music world with this name. His two masterpieces CanadaRemix and Sleepless are so amazingly and massively appreciated by the music lovers. 

This gifted young musician from France was born in Montbrison on January 22, 2006.

Introduction & Background 

At the age of 7, Ødyzon started using the piano, and at the age of 9 and a half, he started teaching himself MAO (computer-assisted music). He was an accomplished musician at the age of 9. Since he was a little boy, making a career off of his music has been his dream.

To symbolize his music, he thought of “the Odyssey” when searching for an artist name to so he modified a few letters to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Ødyzon tells himself this phrase when he composes: “simplicity equals efficiency.” What he means by this is that you shouldn’t complicate your life in music or elsewhere since simple solutions work better than complex ones.

Canada Remix

In March 2022, his remix became popular on social media and music platforms, particularly TikTok and Spotify, and soon surpassed one million plays.

The remix was quite intriguing and soothing to the ears, since he incorporated a guitar sample from Robin Schulz’s song “Sugar.”

In the remix of CANADA, you can clearly feel his enthusiasm and love for music. Because of his skill and passion for music, Capitol, a record publishing house American division of Universal Music Group, approached him to discuss this CANADA remix. They couldn’t believe that this young Frenchman could accomplish so much and sought to purchase it back from him. The restoration of this remix was unsuccessful since one of the two lead performers declined.

Sleepless: Another Ødyzon Masterpiece on The Market 

On October 7, 2022, Ødyzon released “Sleepless,” a downtempo electro sound.

The Kurate Music label, which manages the YouTube channel “Dreamscape” with over 250k followers, approached him within a few days after its debut, indicating the success of this new masterpiece. They demonstrated their undying affection for his music by wishing to collaboration with Ødyzon. Their objective was to create an ambient version of Sleepless. This strategy was successful, and the new version of Sleepless quickly entered the market with mutual collaboration. 

The ambient version of Sleepless was then officially launched for all platforms on October 21, 2022.

We can then find Sleepless in the original version and 4 other versions, (a Slowed Down version, a Sped Up version, an 8D version, and a Super Slowed Down version).

Want to listen Sleepless? Click here!