Singer/songwriter Alexys Rae is a rising recording artist currently based in Albany, NY. Like many artists she found a passion for music early in life. Her admiration for music first presented itself in early childhood. This is where she found her love for singing and discovered her voice. Alexys Rae’s mother would play many artists ranging from Jewel, Paula Cole, Tori Amos, Nirvana, Oasis, Sublime, and many more. Since she is the only bi-racial individual in her family, she found a place to express herself and belong in her songs. She found a deeper admiration for writing in middle school when she began doing poetry and poetry slams.
Equally important, Alexys Rae made her debut in 2020 with her single “Remember When.” The official music video went live in 2021. Her goal is to create a unique experience for her listeners with each track. Alexys has much more in the works. She is continuing to grow her catalog. Her second single “Dynamite” was released in February 2022. The visual for “Remember When” was shot in Cape Coral Florida. Alexys Rae invited a bunch of friends to come be in the video while on vacation with her.

The whole music video and trip was a party. The music video took a surprising and exciting turn when a group of college students vacationing across the canal decided to be in the music video. “The ‘Remember When’ music video features the relationship between me and a man. The handsome man featured in the visual agreed to be in the music video at the spur of the moment. He’s a college football player,” states Alexys Rae. The song itself was produced by DJ Wiz Hoffa.
“Dynamite” Spotify Link