TaniA Kyllikki, a singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom, offers a magnificent performance on her newest album, titled “Why Chapter One.” This up-and-coming diva has just begun her career, but the popularity of her debut album indicates that she will have many opportunities in the future. TaniA Kyllikki’s powerful and euphonious vocals are simply breathtaking. TaniA is making imperishable music. Her vocal range is outstanding, and she has a firm command of her instrument. Her tone and phrasing are really close to perfection, and she has an impeccable upper register. 

The performance of “Why Chapter One” is strong, eerie, and otherworldly. Her powerful angelic voice, impacting lyrics, and humble, down-to-earth demeanour are a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with the same monotonous music and egotistical performers. Her lyrics are thought-provoking, and her heavenly voice is strong. She is acknowledged for her ability to convey herself musically in a melodic and lyrical manner. Her new debut album, “Why Chapter One,” which she co-wrote and co-produced with her fiancé, Garry D. Hairston, achieves this objective. It is difficult to listen to this album without experiencing chills.  

TaniA Kyllikki is a talented performer who has the capacity to captivate her audience by instilling in them a yearning for more and more. Taking us all on this marvellous excursion, which leaves you wondering where she will lead us next, heightens the excitement. TaniA Kyllikki is definitely destined for greatness due to her daring nature and willingness to express such vulnerability in her music.

All these songs featured on “Why Chapter One” all provide the listeners with a sound that is more dark and enriched by TaniA Kyllikki. Her lyrics have a lot of depth and maturity to them, and as a result, they give us a glimpse into her wonderful soul. Her willingness to show her audience her vulnerability in a straightforward manner is one of the reasons why her audience likes her so much. You get the distinct impression that you already know TaniA when you listen to one of her songs. She can only be in a state of emotional vulnerability, uncertain about the future, because she sings with all of her heart and soul in every line.

Why Chapter One – Album


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